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Français (fr) Cette section est dédiée aux échanges francophone autour des projets Common Voice et DeepSpeech. Il s’agit de permettre d’échanger autour des travaux à faire sur les jeux de données, ainsi que pour produire un modèle de reconnaissance vocale. Deutsch (de) 華語(台灣) (zh-TW) This category is for Traditional Chinese related discussion of Common Voice. You can freely share your experiences, or ask questions either in Chinese or in English, or in our Telegram / Line group. Italiano (it) Benvenuto alla sezione dedicata alla lingua Italiana per il progetto Common Voice. Il mantenimento, la promozione e gestione per l’italiano é diretta da Mozilla Italia, la comunità Mozilla di lingua italiana. Español (es) Hablemos sobre Common Voice, el proyecto de Mozilla para crear una base de datos gigantesca de voces diversas que se utilizarán para hacer que el reconocimiento de voz sea mejor para todos
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:speaking_head: Feedback needed: Languages and accents strategy

Hello everyone, I would like to open this topic to collect feedback from all our communities and partners. This topic contains a proposal crafted by the Common Voice and Deep Speech staff teams based on conversations wi…

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