Connected Devices

Project Link Project Link is your personal user agent that understands your preferences for how you want to interact with the world of devices in your home, and automate your connected world for you. All of this still done conveniently and securely, but completely under your control. Project Tablet Project Tablet aims to a explore a simple, single-purpose tablet, completelydedicated to browsing the web. Project Magnet Project Magnet is your own, personal user agent for the content that is around you. Instead of getting a list of URLs and you having to browse each link to understand how you can interact with the content, Project Magnet will enable you to have an interactive and friction less experience. The experience will always be fully customizable by you, so you can use it for your maximum enjoyment. Project SensorWeb The easiest path from sensors to open data for contributors to collaboratively build a detailed understanding of their living environments. We are launching a pilot project to build a crowd-sourced pm2.5 sensor network. Project Vaani Project Vaani is an IoT enabler package to developers, device makers and users who want to add a voice interface to their devices in a flexible and customizable way. We will prototype interactions at home in near term, and in future, showcase the ability to access services from the open Web. User Experience Team The Connected Devices User Experience Team wants to share resources, tips and tools, articles and our time! We can help you put user needs at the forefront of your research or project. Please use this space to add a question, share your draft hypothesis or something you’ve learned that we should all know about! Project SmartTV Project SmartTV is where we're building a web ecosystem for TV and the connected devices of tomorrow. Project Lighthouse With Project Lighthouse, Mozilla aims to use Connected Devices to improve the life of blind and sight-impaired people around the world. Come and join us to discuss how we can best do this. Community Experimentation Launchpad The CEL is a community-driven program that aims to empower Mozillians to dream up the future of connected devices, research, design, prototype and validate their ideas through open collaboration and innovation. The program provides resources, tools and mentoring to help you run your own experiments, while connecting you with the innovation process at Mozilla. Project Haiku The Project Haiku team began by talking with people about the experiences that make them feel independent. An unexpected idea emerged from that research: connecting with other people makes people feel independent. The team is currently exploring how 12-15 year old girls communicate with friends and family, and how an ambient communication device might enhance their ability to connect with others. Idea Library Have ideas? Whether it's a quick sketch or a short description - put them down here. However... the Library is not only to collect ideas, but to "check them out". All shared ideas will part of the commons. Others are welcome to mash them up, research them, or even pitch them to the board. This is meant to be an open and collaborative space for everyone, MoFo, MoCo, and all contributors, not just CD folks, to get involved and make their ideas even better!
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