2015-11-30 Flame 2.6 build (master)

Base Image: http://cds.w5v8t3u9.hwcdn.net/v18D_nightly_v4.zip
Gecko+Gaia: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/b2g/nightly/2015/11/2015-11-30-03-02-23-mozilla-central-flame-kk/

Update check on nightly-latest channel reported “There was an error
when checking for updates.” so I performed a shallow flash of
Gecko+Gaia (on top of the v18D_nightly_v4 Base Image.)

Channel: nightly-latest
Build Identifier: 20151130030223

**No major new issues found. **

Bug fixes in this build include:

Bug 1210680 - use dialog service to show wifi dialog
Bug 1227068 - [Messages] Increase the chunk size that we display when scrolling up in a conversation
Bug 1191978 - No thumbnail in browser
Bug 1156469 - If an app install is cancelled, the user gets an error message that says “App install error: DOWNLOAD_CANCELED”

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We have these reports on this report watchlist:

Is there a way that we can just forward the post over or have a post
autocreated on discourse based on the post on the report watchlist?

There’s a mail interface to Discourse, I believe, but I don’t know how it works or where to find it.

All categories and subcategories have an email-in. Check category pinned description for it.

For this one:

You can create new topics sending an email to fxos+foxfooding@mozilla-community.org

Note that sender email should be associated with a valid Discourse user with trust level 2 or higher. So please, ping here with the username if you need trust level 2 to be granted.

/cc @majken