2015-12-03 What’s New on master (2.6)

(Asa Dotzler) #1

Here are a few of the Fixed issues in today’s 2.6 (master) build:

Bug 1229920 - Sync stuck at signing in.
Bug 1199773 - [Dialer] incoming call screen is inconsistent when phone lock state changes between viewing
Bug 1198206 - the first letter is not auto-capitalized in the edit mode in the contact’s ‘Street name’ field by default
Bug 1220568 - [RTL][Calendar]Icons in the toolbar are not resequenced from right to left.

(Asa Dotzler) #2

Though the sync bug is marked as FIXED, I’m still experiencing sync issues with the latest build on Flame. The sync panel says “Signing in…” and just sits there.

(Asa Dotzler) #3

Sounds like the fix missed the a.m. build and will be there in the P.M. builds. I’ll update once I’ve verified.


I think Sync is kind of working, as I managed to import my desktop history on Flame. It’s not smooth though: the panel does “Signing in…” forever or gives “Ooops! Something went wrong” error messages. Still, progresses are impressing!