2017/2018 cohort likely to happen?

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #1

Keeping fingers and toes crossed that there might be draft plans in place to implement this program again this winter.

(Maxence Poutord) #2

I’m also looking forward :+1:

(Bala Subramaniyan) #3

Eagerly Waiting :slight_smile:

(Havi Hoffman) #4

Hi Folks, Really appreciate your enthusiasm for the Mozilla Tech Speakers program. Thanks for your patience and interest. This is the right place to find the latest updates.

We’ve been working hard at building out infrastructure and improving our processes to support current Tech Speakers - we will continue this work during the first half of 2018. We do not plan to train a new cohort or launch a new call for applications in 2018 until we can handle more capacity.

We are working on a self-study/self-directed curriculum that individuals can complete at your own pace, in your time zone and on your schedule. We hope to make this available later in the year. People who complete the curriculum will be eligible to apply to join the program.

If you are interested in public speaking in your local developer community, I recommend taking a look at the Mozhacks YouTube channel and if you are an NDA’ed Mozillian, you can check out the Tech Speakers channel on Air Mozilla.

That’s all for now. Thank you for all you do for Firefox, Mozilla and the open web.


(Maykon Chagas) #5

Hi @havi,

It’s great to know that y’all are improving infrastructure to support more Tech Speakers! I’m waiting for it.

Though, how can I saw pasted videos on Air Mozilla? I’m a NDA, but looks like I need to subscribe on #techspeaker Mozillian Group. Is there anyone who can approve my request?

Thank you!


(Havi Hoffman) #6

Thanks for asking @Maykon! Actually, most of the Tech Briefings and masterclasses on the Tech Speakers channel are open to logged in NDA’ed Mozillians. I just made a few updates to make a few more of the Tech Briefings accessible to the NDA group. There’s lots of great material to explore.

The Tech Speakers playlist is also available on Mozhacks YouTube - and does not require login: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THasWQ1ntz8&list=PLo3w8EB99pqJkl8kawWQVbV1co4bAUo0L

The monthly Tech Speaker calls will remain available for participants in the Tech Speakers program. There are no plans to open these calls to a larger audience.

For folks who are interested in getting started as conference speakers, there’s a great opportunity on Saturday, Feb 3, to participate locally or even remotely in a Global Diversity CFP Day workshop. These are happening in many locales around the world, some are even hosted by Mozillians/Mozilla Tech Speakers. All the tickets are free!

More info on the Global Diversity CFP Day website.

Here’s why I’m excited about this: Paying it forward at Global Diversity CFP Day

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #7

Closing thread due to current open call due November 22, 2018:

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #8