A discussion group for Firefox OS Porters

Hello Mozillians, As we know Mozilla [encourages][1] to port firefox os to as many android phones as possible. So i started a group to recieve/provide help to guys who wanted to port FxOS to their phones & who already maintain ports can also discuss there.I request all the interested people to gather there & we could encourage new porters.

Update: Came to know Mozilla is going to make official group. So, better we wait for it.

@kskarthik we want to avoid creating more channels without coordination and specially avoid creating more mailing lists.

We are already talking with people doing porting here:


And also I’m in conversations with the Mozilla Porting team about this. My recommendation is to have some patience while we define an official channel for people doing porting and avoid fragmenting the conversations.


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@nukeador i deleted the group, as you said it’s not good to have fragmentation & i’m happy to listen that we are having an official group soon :smile:

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Not the subcategory is ready :wink: