A HomeKit "Gee, I wish..."

(Eric Shepherd) #1

Gee, I wish that for HomeKit support, if you have an in-home HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV, Things could just access your devices through that instead of having to dismantle your existing setup and route everything through the gateway. Would optimize usage and ease of setup, and would let me focus on the main reason I’m interested in the gateway: getting my Z-Wave devices to be available to my primary HomeKit system.

(Martin Giger) #2

HomeKit is (like some Z-Wave and ZigBee, too) built so only the hub can get the state of devices. This means you have to use your gateway as HomeKit hub. The approach of the gateway is to add things into its (web thing) world. There are other tools like homebridge that instead add non-HomeKit devices to the HomeKit world.

(Eric Shepherd) #3

Ah, I see. I had thought that we were using Homebridge under the hood. That explains the difference, thanks.

Still would be sweet if it could just link up through my Apple TV and leave me in peace. :slight_smile:

(Martin Giger) #4

So what you’re looking for is to have a homebridge plugin that consumes the gateway’s API.

(Eric Shepherd) #5

@freaktechnik – Yeah, I suppose so. Hm.

(Michael Stegeman) #6

There is a way for a HomeKit controller (iOS, Apple TV, etc.) to give access to other controllers (i.e. our gateway), but that process is undocumented, so I had no idea how to implement it. :frowning_face:

(Eric Shepherd) #7

That figures. Would be sweet if it could be done. Man.


That in deed wold be a killer-feature.
Haveing all iPhones being able to access the webthings on lockscreen… - wow.