A hypothetical on the future of web browsing and operating systems

(Alexander E. Constantine) #1

Hello Mozillians, I’m green around here but I hope to be much more active in the future.

A few months ago I read (and watched) a topic about Microsoft’s approach to the future of operating systems. I believe it to be mere speculation and opinion but the idea of manifesting a third dimension in computing was established and thrown around a lot in the topic. It had me interested on how such a system would work, look and even be beneficial in a productive - if not aesthetic way. How would web browsing benefit from such a system and what technologies would be used to realize it’s existence.

I personally began conceiving a geometric navigation system for computer usage, I quickly realized that it would need more flops than is currently used by almost all GUIs, I want to see if anyone else can imagine 3-D browsing of the computer but specifically to a larger extent, browsers. If the time when 3-D GUIs are mainstream, how will Mozilla interact with the new technology?

(I acknowledge that this may not be the correct spot to position this post. Please assist me if there is a more acceptable location. Thank you.)

EDIT: I migrated the post from Theme Addons to Firefox Development.

(David Teller) #2

Mmmh… It looks like we don’t have a Discourse on Emerging Technologies yet. We should fix that.

(Alexander E. Constantine) #3

I agree. I wasn’t sure if there was already one made but it would be great if there was.

(Alexander E. Constantine) #4

Is there a way as a user to construct new categories for Discourse? I would be very interested to know.

(Caitlin Neiman) #5

I think only admin users can create new categories. Here’s a link to their contact info: https://discourse.mozilla.org/about

Folks over in the Firefox Development category might also be interested in discussing this.

(Alexander E. Constantine) #6

Thank you, I will definitely request to have a new category put in place.

I will update the category now. Thank you again!