A WebThing for every OpenStreetMap element (Ideation phase)

For the last few days I have been building an express-based web server to make every Point of Interest a WebThing. This way you can use the opening hours of your library, the happy hours of your favourite restaurant or the sun’s position at a place close to your heart for home automation.

I am planning to host a flagship server, but you may run the server yourself.

You can contact me here or on Mastodon where I occasionally post about the project: https://mastodonten.de/@jaller94/102070817594414594

If you like the project, tell me what values related to OpenStreetMap or WikiData you would like to use for home automation or help me with open issues I still have to address before a 1.0 release.


Hi is this for hosting on the Gateway or public server ? and how to install ?

I plan it as a public server, independent of the Gateway, but it would be easy to make it an Add-On later.

How would you select/browse relevant PoI ?

I can help with location adapter (check generic-sensor addon)