About featured add-ons similarity


Taken from: https://developer.mozilla.org/de/Add-ons/AMO/Policy/Featured

Common reasons for rejection include lacking wide appeal to consumers, a suboptimal user experience, quality or security issues, incompatibility, and similarity to another featured add-on. Rejected add-ons cannot be re-nominated within 3 months.

I wonder how strict this rule is, since both Adblock Plus and UBlock Origin are featured (yet very similar).

I have a relatively new add-on, which has a growing user-base and is similar to another featured add-on. I think it’s superior to the other listed add-on. Is there a chance this will be considered?

Or will this only be done for add-ons which have a huge user-base like the above add-ons?

My add-on doesn’t meet the 500 users criteria yet, but it has reached the 200 mark within 3 weeks, which kinda took me by surprise, as I mostly made this for myself (since the other add-ons progress is slow and some requests have been denied completely).

I’m just wondering if it’s at all a possibility.

See: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/forget_me_not/

(sdevaney) #2

Hi there. We try to use our best judgement on the threshold of similar-type extensions that make it into AMO’s featured collection. It’s not a hard rule there can only be one ad blocker, or one of any type of extension. It’s simply an additional factor we consider when evaluating new content for featuring.

For instance, in the past we’ve typically featured more than one translation extension, since there are so many worthy and popular translation tools; and it didn’t feel proper to highlight just one.

I hope this additional context helps!


It does, thank you very much!