About the doc

(Valentin) #1


I asked Chris Mills (Senior Technical Writer) from the MDN team for more details about the usage of MDN by community projects and B2G OS in particular here are his answers (copied here with his permission):

So this is good news, we can use MDN going forward!

(Valentin) #2


There is more news from Chris:

You can reach him at cmills at mozilla dot com or chrismills on Mozilla IRC.

It is also very likely that we organize a few Doc Sprints (online and in the meatspace) to work on this. Do you think it would be a good idea? Would you like to participate?
Also, if you want to volunteer to be the “topic driver”, please let us know here!


(Valentin) #3

Hey people!

Tonight is the MDN “Mercredi Doc” meeting in Paris, whether you’re in the area or elsewhere, if you feel like contributing and starting to work on the B2G OS doc, please join!
You can chat on IRC on the channels #mdn, #frenchmoz and #l10n-f. Ping Jeremie there, he will be able to help you.

If you want to join physically, you can register here.


(Valentin) #4


I propose we do a meeting soon to talk more about the documentation effort, what are our priorities and get the doc restructuring started!
You can vote on this poll to fix a date, times are Central Europe Summer Time (CEST).

Talk to you soon. :slight_smile:

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #5

Hi Valentin!

I propose to use http://doodle.com/ to organize the events, AFAIK doodle let the organizer set the time for the event and when the other participants consult the event they see the time in their own local time.


(Philippe) #6

The meeting is a good idea, the documentation is really important. I will be there if I can.

(Lapineige) #7

But again it’s a non-free tool :frowning:
@Valentin maybe you can add the base timezone in the title.

There is a request in the repo of this project asking for it, I just add a little +1. Hopefully they will add it.

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #8

Haha sorry! I forgot that is a non-free tool D;

I like the idea of add the base time zone, or maybe work on UTC :slight_smile:

(Valentin) #9

Sorry, I can’t edit it anymore, but thanks for your feedback, I’ll put the hours in UTC next time.

(Valentin) #10

Also, even if Chris can’t make it today, i think it will be good to get started already.
Please join us at 18:00 CEST/16:00 UTC/9am PDT/21:30 IST on the B2G Vidyo room on the B2G OS telegram group or #fxos IRC channel on irc.mozilla.org.

An etherpad is available here : https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/B2G_doc for notes and questions.

See you!

(Philippe) #11

I see this too late. If it’s 17:00 in France, I can’t be there :frowning:
I will follow the pad from my phone.

(Valentin) #12

No, it’s 18:00 in France (Central European Summer Time), so in half an hour. :slight_smile:

(Philippe) #13

Ok. I will be late so I hope it will not.be finished.