About the lockscreen bug

(simon g) #1

Some details about the lockscreen bug,
It seems to be because it takes the landscape width and not the portait width ,
this.center is wrong in portait mode in lockscreen_slide.js , line 561 ,
this.center is based on the landscape width, so in portrait mode , it didn’t validate the beginning of the slide movement.
And the canvas id=lockscreen-canvas" is too large for portrait mode.

Or the contrary, calculate all in portrait mode, so it doesn’t work in landscape mode.

(simon g) #2

lockscreen_slide.js , l. 592 :

LockScreenSlidePrototype._stop =
function lss_stop() {

lockscreen_slide.js , l.601 :

LockScreenSlidePrototype._start =
function lss_stop() {

I supposed this is an error ^^U

(Fabrice) #3

Please open a bug in bugzilla to track that.

(Krz37) #4

Hello I can open a bug for you if you can send me a PM with the details if it is not opened yet. Thank you!