About the Speaking category

(Yousef Alam) #1

Squee, Spleen and Spoons of Mozilla Community gather here to discuss world domination strategies. Anyone interested in working on their skills as a Mozilla Tech Speaker & developing high quality reusable technical content – this is your space.

You can email speaking@mozilla-community.org to post to this category.

(Havi Hoffman) #2

In other words: This is the Discourse home of the Mozilla Tech Speakers program.

I’d like to invite all Mozillians and all Participation Leaders who’ve asked me about this program to watch this space for news and information about the next phase of Mozilla Tech Speakers and how you can start a Speaking workshop in your local or online community.

Thank you for staying passionate about Mozilla and the open web.

(Salman Rahman Desh) #3

Hi Havi, I already mailed you regarding local community tech speaking workshops. I need to know a lot more to share it with others. can you please check the mail. In Bangladesh already found couple of curious persons (students) with whom the for the first time we are going to do discussions and share our thoughts to enchance the program. Thanks.