About using Xbee S2C Pro with arduino connected to Conbee2(Raspberry Pi)

Hi everyone

  • In my project, i want to make a new zigbee end device like Xiaomi,Ikea … by using xbee (Xbee S2C Pro) with arduino? Do you have some guidelines? How to write the coding in arduino to send the data from xbee to the coordinator (such as conbee 2)
  • Can i use Xbee S2C Pro (with arduino/as a Router or an end device) to send the data to the Conbee2 that connected with the rasberry PI (as a Coordinator) ?
    i connected this xbee with XCTU in PC and it showed that xbee can connect with the Conbee 2 but in webthing gateway (moz://a) can’t find this xbee by scanning new device so how can i fix this problem ?

Please help me to find out the solutions.
thank you.