Accessing "about:" URIs

(Guillaume Savaton) #1


Do you know if the “about:” URI scheme is supported by the browser in Firefox OS?

When I type “about:config” or “about:support” in the address field, the browser launches a Google search instead of showing the expected pages.

As a workaround, I tried to create a small web page with a link to “about:support” but clicking on it has no effect (in Desktop Firefox and Firefox OS).

Before filing a bug, I would like to know if there are other means to get the same information as the “about:support” page, particularly the “hardware acceleration” details.


(Andrew [:feer56] ) #2

Feel free to file a bug. We’ll decide then if this is necessary and crucial to the user.

(Gerv) #3

A Google search is certainly not what would be expected by anyone who knew those URLs. Even if they don’t do the same things as in Firefox, they should do something other than that.

But also, links from web pages to those URLs probably won’t work. Not sure if they do in Firefox.


(Guillaume Savaton) #4

I found this bug report, filed in June 2013:

I suppose that it is not crucial to the user, but it could be interesting for testing purposes.

(Guillaume Savaton) #5

I submitted this bug specifically for “about:support”.