Accessories (case, screen protector) for the Z3C

(Flore) #1

Hello foxfooders,

As many of us use a sony Z3 compact, I thought some people could be interested in discussing about accessories.
I use:

  • Magnector X203: for charging the phone (no data connection). I like it because I avoid manipulating the small flap that protects the mini USB (which are waterproof seals).
  • a tempered glass screen protector (found on ebay): works better than any other screen protector (no bubble, no scratch so far.
  • a silicon case: it’s terrible, loose on every side. The only reason I keep it is that I find the phone rather slippery . But I’d like to find a better case, maybe a 3D printed

Has anyone found a nice case ?

(Genma) #2

Personnly I bought a “Cover with flap” (a Wallet?) in a store in Chinatown in Paris. It’s easy to find this kind of protection on on line store. It’s another way to protect your phone for 15 euros (maybe more, depend off the store and shipping costs).

(lmorchard) #3

For what it’s worth: I haven’t had great luck with tempered glass screen protectors. I’ve gone through two of them on this Z3C, each having gotten scratched or cracked within a month of applying. Then, somewhere between me taking off the second one and noticing, I got a scratch on the screen itself. I’ve never had a scratch on any phone I’ve had in the past 10 years, so that was a bummer. My phone typically gets my jeans pocket all to itself, so it’s not like it’s shaking around with keys or coins

Also for magnetic chargers, I bought several. One was the Magnector X203, and I can second that it’s pretty good. I use it in the car, and works well even on bumps and such.

I also bought a few more of the cheapest I could find on - and caveat emptor, but none of those seem to have strong magnets at all and fall off at the slightest bump.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

I’ve bought and
The dock is useful and also the silicon case for protection :smile:

(Flore) #5

I also bought

I think that the phone charges really faster with this charger than on a regular charger. I should perform some tests to be certain. Like 2 Z3C on 2 different chargers and measure charging times precisely.
And for the battery, I needed one anyway. It seems like it charges quite fast but I have no other to be compared.

According to sony and qualcomm, the Z3C is compatible with quickcharge 2.0. But from what I read on cyanogen forums, it has to be added to te code, so I opened a bug.