Activites and Campaigns - Virtu-All Hands 2020

Dear Reps,

It was a pleasure to have you at the Virtu-All Hands. I’m sure you got to experience some amazing open sessions and plenaries. Thank you, you help make Mozilla great!

Shahbaz Alam and I conducted a session on the OKRs that we are working on in our term as Reps Council’s members. We got a lot of input from our awesome community members, for those who were not able to contribute, we would like to recap the highlights of the meeting here and would love to hear from you.

Firstly, the participants were presented with the slides based on the current Activities and Campaigns at Mozilla. The objective of this resource is to create awareness around the list of activities and campaigns that you can contribute to. This documentation could serve as the one-stop shop for anyone who wishes to know the domain areas of contribution at Mozilla.

Since many of you asked if these slides would be published, I am linking them Here!!!

These slides are subject to change as and when new activities and campaigns are introduced at Mozilla. If you want to share this document with your community in your regional language, feel free to reach out to me or Shahbaz. We will work with you to make this happen.

Secondly, there were discussions on challenges faced by the community in the past and suggestions to help improve them.

Challenges discussed :

  • People stop contributing due to the lack of options available after the activity or campaign of their liking has ended. We need to try to retain such contributors.

  • Students complete their academic careers and move on to other cities which leads them to stop contributing.

  • Expenses are needed for campaign meetings.

  • Individual motivation, they need a better onboarding process for communities, to make them understand how to support the communities and what the new technologies are. For example, In Chile not all people speak English, documentation in Spanish is very important for them.

I would also like to point out the challenges that were discussed at All Hands, Berlin in January 2020 that the Reps Council is currently working on -

  • Activities are not related to all communities, for example, Common Voice.
  • Volunteers were not aware of the campaigns.
  • Announcement/Communication not made on all platforms hence campaigns seem disconnected.
  • Due to the lack of interest of a rep in a campaign, the communication isn’t reached to the volunteers.
  • We need more activities for non-technical contributors.

We had great inputs from the community as suggestions for the above challenges :

  • Encourage Moz-Coffee, more regional connections and meetups.
  • For the problem of volunteers migrating to other cities, maybe individual contributors can step up on a community level to let everyone in sync.
  • Suggest a list of campaigns every quarter/year that Reps can try to apply for the budget.
  • Campaigns that correlate to current regional events. This keeps community interest growing as they feel more involved. For example, the Net Neutrality campaign which happened in India.
  • There are people that contribute to different activities, as well as people that contribute to other communities (e.g. wikimedia). Collaboration between communities can help in retaining and sustaining contributors.

Looking forward to your feedback around this meeting and this post. Let us know in a reply to this post.

On behalf of the Reps Council,

Shina Dhingra and Shahbaz Alam

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