ADB Helper could not be verified for use in Nightly and has been disabled

(Albert Scheiner) #1

Hi there, has no public issue tracker so posting it here.
I just used the WebIDE and installed ADB Helper via the provided link image

After restarting Firefox (Nightly and DevEdition) I get a “add-on disabled” warning

(J. Ryan Stinnett) #2

Thanks for reporting this! It looks like this matches bug 1434264. Hopefully we can make progress on this soon.

(Albert Scheiner) #3

Thanks for the link Ryan. I somewhat didn’t consider checking Bugzilla after finding the Github repo :wink:

(J. Ryan Stinnett) #4

@alberts, this should now be fixed by updating the add-on to 0.12.0. Can you try this out? Please let me know how it goes!

(Albert Scheiner) #5

Hey @jryans, just installed the latest version from Github 0.12.1pre and it is working fine. Thanks a lot!

(Albert Scheiner) #6

FYI, I did a fresh install of via the WebIDE window and still got 0.11.2. So I goes the latest version is still in limbo.

(J. Ryan Stinnett) #7

I would say wait 24 hours and then retry… There’s some caching in the middle, so it’s not always clear when the update is visible everywhere.

(Albert Scheiner) #8

Deinstalled the Github version and installed again via WebIDE - got version 0.12.0 this time :+1: