Adblock Plus - questions about verification and about safety. Very important! Developers can answer me?

Dear Community,

I have few questions to Adblock Plus extension, here it is link to extension -->

For first I must know that this extension is safe and if this is not fake software. I mean if it is original software from Eyeo Gmbh developers? Official website -->
Someone from Eye Gmbh can confirm that this is official software?

Second question is for verification. Why this extension is not monitored by Mozilla Developers? This is very popular software so maybe good move is to monitored this?

Third question is about checksum. How this software is verifing by Mozilla Firefox browser. Your browser used GPG? How it is working now? I must 100% now that this software during installation is verified by browser because files can be corrupted or replaced by unauthorized person. Someone from Eye Gmbh or Mozilla Developers can answer me?

Last question is to adblocker. Why Mozilla Firefox didn’t makes own bult-in adblocker? This is my dream to have 100% working browser without installing any extensions because I will have sure that this software is not malware and my computer will be works faster and I will be safer.

P.S. Adblock plus is good way? My friend suggested me to install this but he is on Google Chrome now. I must install Adblock Plus on firefox but I must have sure that this software is safe for my computer. I also thinking about uBlock Origin but my friend use Adblock Plus and I also in the past used this but times are change and I must have sure that software is safe now.

I hope that you can help me.

Thank you.

All the best,

Follow link from the site you trust, to find the extension you are looking for (I think you will end up on same extension page).

Mozilla don’t have the resources to deep analysis of every extension or extension version, not even every popular one.

Nor do Mozilla have resources to make every popular feature build-in (or their own extension for it). Besides that, it would be kind of controversial if Mozilla made its own adblocker (besides what’s blocked already for tracking protection). It’s probably the kind of thing best left to 3rd parties.

I’m not sure if Eyeo Software follows this forum. You can find contact info on the site you are linking to.

If it is of any value to you, I’m using the add-on ( myself. And have done that in many years.


I asked this same question and Mozilla suggested me to create topic on this forum so I did this.

I still don’t know what is verification step (hashsum, GPG) in installation process. Can you answer me?

Last question to Eyeo Software Developer if they are on forum. Please answer on my questions.

I think that this forum is dead because people from Mozilla didn’t explain me how verification process for extension is work now. GPG or other software? How it is work?

I think that Adblock Plus Developers not follow this forum. It is sad.

I was on their website and this don’t redirect to addons website from Mozilla. It is very strange.