Add-on buckets

Hey Test Pilot people,

Per our chat around add-ons related concepts, here are some subjects for your consideration…


Relative to other categories of content on AMO, Shopping ranks fairly low in terms of popularity. However, the minority of users who do engage with shopping add-ons tend to regard them as critical.

Also, consider the most popular shopping add-ons are usually site specific, like Amazon Assistant for Firefox, Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker, AliExpress Shopping Assistant, and eBay for Firefox.

Media and/or downloaders

“Media” and “Media Downloaders” could be separate or possibly combined buckets. If you were to go broadly with a “Media” version of Firefox, it might lack specificity, but potentially include a lot of really cool add-ons that cover a swath of usage like media downloaders (video, image, audio), screengrabbers, reverse image searchers, etc.

If you were to go with the specificity of a “media download version of Firefox” you might further tap what we know to be a popular use-case (especially in regions with poor connectivity, where users prefer to download media versus stream). For instance, check out Bulk Media Downloader, Video DownloadHelper, and Turbo Download Manager.

Site specific versions of Firefox

We have many add-ons designed to augment a variety of sites, but by far the most popular would be YouTube and Facebook (the next tier would include Reddit, SoundCloud, Twitch…).

“Firefox for YouTube” could comprise a nice array of add-ons like AdBlocker for YouTube, YouTube Video and Audio Downloader, Enhancer for YouTube (does a bunch of cool shit like ad removal, disable auto-play, remove annotations, cinema mode, play in HD, etc.).

“Firefox for Facebook” could be really robust as well. Consider AdBlocker for Facebook, Kick Suggested Posts, Facebook News Feed Filter, Disable Facebook News Feed, Photo Zoom for Facebook, Disconnect for Facebook, Facebook Video Downloader, Facebook GIF Downloader, FB Unseen, and Messenger for Facebook.

Also—and I wouldn’t recommend bundling this but just for funsies between us—there’s Facebook Unfriend Finder, which alerts you when someone un-friends you! Can you imagine being so annoying you need an add-on to track your ever diminishing social sphere?

Ad blocking

Of course, we have a bevy of nice ad blockers like uBlock, AdBlock for Firefox, etc.; and good anti-ad trackers like Privacy Badger.

Hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to loop me in if you want to discuss further.


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