Add-on Question

(Billyalbornoz) #1

Since noticing that there are add-ons for translating websites in different languages I was just wanting to see if there is a way that you could try to merge all the add-ons that you have available so that whenever a customer of any sort in general would want to use an add-on like that one, then they would still be able to save up space because it has all been narrowed down to one type of software.

I say all this because I had noticed that you guys have one to translate a japannese website, I think it was. Also, you have one or two that can translate up to a certain amount of different languages.

(Jorge) #2

Are you saying that you would like to see add-ons of similar types grouped into categories or something like that?

Because we do have categories, and in the future we’ll bring back a tagging feature that allows developers to be more flexible in how they group add-ons by what they do.

(Billyalbornoz) #3

You know what? Definitely something like that.

(Billyalbornoz) #4

It’s just because instead of having to have more add-ons than necessary, you would be able to merge them as much as you can and as best as you can so that if a user of Firefox of any sort would want to install an add on in their browser, then anything having to do with that type of add on will already be included in there.