Add-on signing now being throttled?

We build separate addons for our various environments and now our builds have jumped from 3 minutes to as high as 92 minutes due to throttling when attempting to sign our builds.

I’ve wrapped our signing to sleep for the duration returned, but some of those durations are as high as 40 minutes between tries.

Is this behaviour going to continue, or is it a temporary measure to mitigate some other problem on the signing system? Is there an “acceptable” rate that I can sign add-ons?


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Does any one know how to contact actual Mozilla support? The people who manage signing so that this can be addressed? This has been going on for weeks now.

We have been dealing with a surge of spam submissions, and throttling signing was one of the controls we put in place. I couldn’t tell you now if the change will be permanent or its exact limits (since that could be used against us by the spammers). You can send a message to amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org and we’ll try to give you more details if you need them.