Add-ons we would like to see


I proposed something like that in another thread, I’d love to see that, but I’m afraid there are no plans to implement that for the foreseeable future…

(Michael Kohler) #22

I guess this would require direct access to MozTelephony and MozSMS APIs, which are certified. Therefore an app seems not useful for this in my opinion.

(Philippe) #23

I just want to say that I’m currently developping a countdown addon for the homescreen. I know that attendees to some events like having a countdown before the event. It is just to learn and it’s not much. There is a preview:

It’s in french but there is almost no texts so I will translate it in more languages.

As Genma said, I will probably work on an encryption addon after this one.

(Kevin "Ilphrin" Pellet) #24

stargayte: That look very cool! I’d love to see that soon =D