Add shared library to linker, when compiling libxull [Firefox]

(Nintyfan19) #1

I decided to restart bonsole (project I developed many years ago) from scratch, because time run fast. In first thing, I decided to use servo, but servo has many rendering bugs and I don’t known where can I download gecko. I decided to use Firefox source, because I previously use Firefox.

Bonsole is a browser console for TRA (Textual Rich Applications), whereas applications communicate with terminal emulator or browser console by special library and uses javascript/html to generate UI. If no browser console is opened, then my library takes care to use XSL file given by user by path + nodejs JavaScript implementation to transform html onto console text/escape sequences. For example application ls would be modify to output:

<ls:regular_file name="a" /><ls:directory name="home" /> 

When browser is accessible, then it shown nice gui, but if not, user can order my library to transfer this into colorized ls output or something like that:

Direcotry "/" content:
file:a  directory:home

But… I need also to makes bonsole worked with normal (text only) commands, so I need to use openpty or similar. To use openpty i need to pass -lutil to linker. How to achieve this?

I known I decide to do crazy thing, but don’t blame me - it’s my free time.