Add support to change colors also for menus and settings

(Игорь) #1

First of all the idea of the Color add-on is great. Thank you for this experiment!
Specifically for me it’s quite weird that we can change the color of the toolbar, but can’t do it for menus and settings. It’s like a theme, only partially. Last time I just used the dark theme for developers from Mozilla which changes every background to the black one and I’m missing it very much in this add-on.

(Max Junior) #2

The texture backgroung must be customized by user. Like picture or personal texture. Why you do not added this feature?

(lmorchard) #3

Good news! We just deployed v2.0.0 and now have support for various panels (including menus) as “Popup Background” and “Popup Text”

(Игорь) #4

wow, thank you very much! This is more then I expected, awesome!

(Игорь) #5

I absolutely love this add-on and gonna use it even after experiment. :grin: So please keep it, at least as an add-on in the Firefox extension library. :pray:

(dbw9580) #6

What about context menus? Right-click menus on web pages and on add-on icons?