Adding a Boolean configuration property to an add-on

Is there some ‘trick’ to adding Boolean configuration properties to an add-on? When I tried to add one (in the timer add-on), the text gets overlapped with the surroundings.
This is from new code in manifest.json

and similar in package.json

The only trick I found so far is not to add the Boolean property at the end of the list, as the overlaps/confusion with that is even worse.

Inspecting the CSS, I think that I may have the answer

in gateway/static/css/addons-form.css

#addon-config-settings .json-schema-form .checkbox {
  height: 2.3rem;


  display: inline-block;

Likely, this line should also be removed from

#addon-config-settings .json-schema-form input[type=checkbox] {


#addon-config-settings .json-schema-form .checkbox-title {

After, showing the improved layout and the CSS that ‘fixed it’

The boolean layout is actually changing with the 0.10 release. Things seem to work fine there.

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