Adding temporary security exception for certain pages on load

(Jan Hutař) #1

Hello. Is it possible to use Web Extensions API to add temporary security exception for certain pages? Once upon a time there was a “Skip Cert Error” add-on which did this, so I was thinking about creating something similar now.

I agree this is something 99.9% of users do not need/want and that it is potentially dangerous, but I’m dealing with lots of systems with self-signed certificate I’m testing and these usually live just for a while and it is quite annoying to add exceptions manually. I can not use something like LetsEncrypt because this is in internal company network and I do not want to import any special certificate authority because if its password leaks, next time I access by bank it could be used to fake it.

I have spent some time browsing Web Extensions API doc, but got lost and did not found anything that looked like what I want.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

(Jorge) #2

I don’t think there are any WebExtensions APIs for cert manipulation, or changing the security exception UI. That doesn’t seem to fit the general WebExtensions philosophy, which is about features that are useful for a large portion of users, and not performing silent and possibly insecure actions.

(Jan Hutař) #3

Hmm, do you see any other way how to create the extension with this functionality then? Is there some alternative to WebExtensions APIs?