Addon posted two weeks ago

(Marek Pawel Karczewski) #1

Good day,

On the 29th of January I have posted the final version of my addon, which is a Jira compatible screenshot application. Here is the link:

For the time being, I have not received feedback on my submission. What would be the normal time in which an addon submission can be expected to be reviewed?

With regards,

(Jorge) #2

You set your listing to Invisible, so new versions won’t be reviewed. You need to make it visible again.

(Marek Pawel Karczewski) #3

Thank you jorgev. I have changed the status to visible. If you have questions regarding the source code, I am here to answer.

Best regards,

(Marek Pawel Karczewski) #4

If one wishes to test the extension in practice, then one should use it to login to any Jira system supporting API version 2.