Africa web festival

Hi Awesome Reps .

I come by this to inform you about AFRICA WEB FESTIVAL to be held next month in Ivory Coast.
AFRICA WEB FESTIVAL is Regional showcase, continental and international digital, AWF since 2014 is the largest event promotion and emulation of ICTs in Francophone Africa.
During three days, visitors and professionals have the opportunity to discover trends and innovation, training, forming business relationships and become visible. AWF is also an inspiring moment, during which wrote the Success Story of the Africa of tomorrow.
Link of event : .

Also I wish to inform you that Mozilla by our presence will be present at this big event .
Also call to conference are always open .

It would be great pleasure for us to see other Mozilliens to join us to represent worthily mozilla has this great festival.

Link of conference call :

Web Africa Festival activities, 2016 (AWF) will be oriented around 3 areas, which have in common the well-being: Education, Health and Education.

Here are the different themes, organized around 10 axes with the aim of sharing knowledge and best practices in the use of ICT in the areas of Education, Health and Agriculture. :

Extension and access to strategic information
The professional has training via web
Societal issues related to the urgency of the scanning target areas
The impact of innovative startup
The technological innovation
The security of personal data in the digital age
Mechanical control of content creation
The digitization of the action of the authorities and African and international institutions
The automation of field activities
The match between land issues and the development of digital solutions
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