[All Hands] Test Pilot on Wednesday

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the productivity on Tuesday. We got lots of triage done (under 100 bugs now!) and we all learned how to Storybook. If you find yourself looking for things to do on Wednesday, consider the feature cards we talked about. We’ll also have another Test Pilot triage in the morning which is sure to uncover some good bugs. Things happening on Wednesday:

0940 Test Pilot team stand up: What are you working on? Where are you working? What’s your goal for the day? Who do you want to talk to or work with today?

1000 Screenshots full bug triage

1100 Test Pilot Supplemental triage

1315 Field Research Findings & Recommendations in the Golden Gate 2 room in the Hilton

2100 To awake to sleep but super tired? You can always work in the pub and make PRs to get our Flow coverage over 90%! (this is not a real meeting at 9pm <3)

You’re on your own for dinner again.