All the fixes/functionality needed for a Screenshot Extension

(And The) #1
  1. Make where you save images a preset option without prompts for each image.
  2. Make it possible to checkbox “save to computer”, “save online wherever firefox puts them”, and the ability to check both. Maybe even the ability to send to various other upload sites of choice.
  3. Make a default image capture type choice available so you don’t have to choose for each image. Kinda like the Screengrab! extension.
  4. One-button image capture process. No prompts or pop-ups or menus. Just a clean single button press and done (see 1,2,3). With option for Notification or No-Notification.
  5. Rapid Fire image taking/saving. Screengrab! just figured this out in the last month or so. Before they would balk out and the whole windows Image Save To box popped up if you clicked their button too fast. Which leads to…
  6. Video capture.
  7. PDF capture (with all hyperlinks in tact, no firefox extension does this, most fail at even making PDFs, and the one that did work for me now isn’t compatible with FF57…)

This is all anyone wants. It’s intuitively what people want. It’s basic, intuitive functions people would expect from a “full internet experience” browser.