AMO experiencing technical difficulties

It looks like the site is back to normal now.

Seems like statistics are not working since Nov. 9.

I can confirm this on my end too.

It seems I can’t log in anymore.
I reseted my password a few times but I still get an incorrect login error message “username or password incorrect”.

Is this related to the server migration?


Have we also lost the November 10-11 statistics?

I believe the statistics are still being backfilled. That process can take a couple of days.

Logging in should work normally. If you’re still having problems, please email amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org.



Looks like the statistic is completely broken, there are no new data starting November 10 and so far :confused:

Yeah, this bug tracks this problem.

I’ve already subscribed to it yesterday, but 5 days without any progress seems unacceptable, isn’t it?

It’s unusually long, but Jason has many other priorities.

Looks like statistics are working again and up to date.

Anybody else experiencing problems with adding new addon versions lately, December 18th and 19th?

Two minutes after adding the new addon version ( i get 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT.

Addon version may appear then on the list, with 0 files in it. If i don’t delete it and wait for several more minutes, it may appear ok, like nothing happened.

Yes, there have been recurring server problems since the move to AWS. The dev team is working on fixing this, but it’s a hard problem to pinpoint, it seems.

I don’t know if it’s the good place to report problem about the AMO site and particularly its ADDONS pages…

If i Go to the page of the addon "Recently Used Bookmarks Folder"
the install button don’t work.
But if i go in my Collection ** “XPI - A Tester (OLD)”** ,
the install button seems working…

Only some Addons seems touched .
I presume it’s was because they are not compatible with the Last firefox version.

And in this case why the install button of this addon** “CSSMate”** - incompatible with my Firefox version - work in the both place (Collection and Addon page) ?

I can’t reproduce the problem (the install button works for me). If you can reliably reproduce it, please file a bug report here.

Sorry it seems a temporary problem:
Now that’s good in the both place.

Since a long time , the "Add to Collection " function seems buggy:
When i open the “Add to collection” list:

  • Many labels are presents twice
    (maybe because i made an FR and an US version for some of them?).
  • The list came sometime with previous selected items (from a previous “add to coll” )
    (if i uncheck one of them, my original selected items come back)

Other request:

  • It’s possible to let the cursor at the last checked/unchecked action items
    and not to refresh the list and go back to the top of it ?

I am on firefox v.43.0.4 / Win7