An Event in Africa: Why not?

Hi Mozillians,

As I missed the last meeting in Whistler because of Visa (I also missed another in Paris for the same reason), I wonder if Mozilla would organize such a meeting in Morroco, South Africa,… . I know Morroco, it’s an open country, and I’m sure, they have all acommodation to organize such an international event.

An event in Africa will allow for us, africains, to attend. I’m sure there are many volunteers from Africa who can contribute better and learn from other Mozillians arround the world.

We are trying here in Kabylia - Algeria - to set up teams : Localization (kab), Web teaching, Common Voice (kab), Sentence Collector (kab), and we are looking to set up also teams for devs and other tech contribs but we need help and support from exprienced people.

I’m sure that there are other teams in Africa facing the same challenge as we are facing in Kabylia - Algeria.

Is there any team from Africa working on CV, SC, Localization…?

Please get in touch with me.



back in 2012 - we had some activity in Africa ( I think It was mostly Tunisia and Senegal ). The people who took care of that are no longer around :frowning: .

You should probably post this in l10n as that’s where people from Africa have the most interest in the project.