An official twitter account. Maybe it's the right time

Hi Guys, if I can remember well we have already shared thoughts on this, but I think it’s the right time to set and start to use an official twitter account for the Project.

Yesterday night, I was looking for twitter’ posts and notes regarding #B2GOS and there are only a phew made by @benfrancis, @TitanNano, @kskarthik, me and others, whereas we have a lot of things we could and should share with the net to attract people to this marvellous project.

There are also a lot of people on Twitter still concerned for the FirefoxOS for phone shut-down. I replied two of them that something is going on, but I can imagine how many others are in the same situation out there. Maybe their’ just looking for us :slightly_smiling:

Just looking at the transition dashboard, there are a lot things to share

  • the merging process is almost complete;
  • tests are green on 64-bit;
  • outgoing calls now work;
  • we are working on many ports.

There are a lot updates to share and more (hopefully) are coming. Twitter is a fast and not so expensive in terms of time tool: why don’t we start to use it?


I know there’s a Mozilla B2G account, but, since we are something different from Mozilla, we should probably create an official #B2GOS account.


Well, you have a point but, there is twitter account named @boot2gecko by mozilla already. My thought is that Mozilla should also tweet about us through that account. We are a part of boot2gecko project.

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We are part of the boot2gecko project that’s true, but b2gos was left by Mozilla to the Community governance months ago, and this is why we have our own communication channels.

As we are doing for other communications, such as Contributors call, we should have a twitter account. Is there anything different?

As mentioned in communication meetings, I’m happy to add anybody who’s interested in using it in the @Boot2Gecko team to tweet from this account. :slight_smile:


If so, I’m interested :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m active on Twitter most of the time. I’m interested.
Please review my profile: Mozillian and here is my Twitter Handle: @amit_gkp

We need a twitter account. It’s the better way to say “we exist” to the world, and also to keep in touch all of contributors and volountaries.

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