Analysing network traffic relating to a soft-blocked extension

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When I use legacy HttpFox with Waterfox Classic 2019.12 to analyse collection of statistics by a (temporarily enabled) blocked signed extension, I see POST data of interest.

For example, redirects to

– plus what may be corresponding traffic with latitudes and longitudes. This moring, for example:


When I use the network console in Firefox 71.0 on (Tier-3) FreeBSD-CURRENT to attempt analysis of the same extension, with collection of statistics enabled for test purposes, I see no such data.

Am I overlooking a feature of the console?

Or might something in version 71 of Firefox actively prevent the (supposedly enabled) collection of statistics?

I already tried about:preferences#privacy temporarily weakening things to block nothing. As far as I could tell: no difference; still no traffic …

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@jscher2000 helped me to realise my mistake. The need to look beyond the network console. Problem solved.


Screen recording:

Post-recording screenshots:

Great to hear. Browser Toolbox should also be able to track all traffic in the Network panel. Alternatively you can also enable Requests in the Browser Console.

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