Android for FxOS devices

(Michal Stanke) #1


Are there any Android builds available for FxOS devices, so we can use them for Fennec testing? Mainly I am interested in Geeksphone Keon and Flame, that we have still hidden in a drawer.


(Luigi Tedone) #2

I’m looking for an Android build too. I found an article on the web about Android on the Keon (, however the links to the firmware are broken. I asked to Sayak if he has the files, however he said no. I found another blog that seems to have a working links, however I cannot bypass the survery required for downloading the file. If you are interested, I can share with you the link to the file.


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(Michal Stanke) #3

Hi Luigi.

That would be great if you can send them here or via PM to me. I have also seen this blog post some time ago, but didn’t have time to actually try downloading the images nor flashing the phone.

(Gabriela) #4

I had the same problem sometime ago, I couldn’t bypass the survey either.
If there is some other link for the same purpose, please share it!

Many thanks!
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(Borisbudini) #5

I have a geeksphone peak android rom
As of flame:

(Luigi Tedone) #6

I was able to recover some files, however I didn’t test them. You can find them here:

Please let me know if they work.