Angry voices

Hope this idea helps in some way.
To be honest, I saw this project a few years ago and I’ve never contributed to it because it’s boring, so this is all I can do.

It would be really fun if I could search a word or phrase and play it in different accents and moods.
For example “Angry Peruvian saying goodbye in English” how would it sound?
or “Sad boy crying in chinese”
memes aside, language learners from all over the world would be really, really interested in participating in something like that. And it’d be something playful everyone could share with friends.

The important thing here is that normal people could have fun, educate themselves or whatever while contributing to the project with their voices.

I’m aware that I don’t know enough about how this works or what you need, so maybe I’m a little delusional with this idea but, seeing the effort you guys put into getting people to contribute I can only try to help in some way.

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I just want to say that common voice is not a speech synthesis program.