Announcing Firefox Accounts in Mozilla IAM (cross post)

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

IAM/CoSS/ParSys Sprint K Review
Alternatives to Github for Authentication
(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #2

OMG I actually squealed with excitement on reading this!!

In case anyone is having trouble, please keep in mind that your Mozillians account is the ‘source of truth’. So to connect the Firefox Account to all your Mozilla assets, you should sign-in via Firefox Accounts in Mozillians FIRST. If you attempt to sign-in to a Mozilla asset (like Slack or here in Discourse) via the Firefox Account without this important step, you will be presented with an authorization error.

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #3

PS: please please please consider adding it to MDN. GH is only method right now and that’s really rubbish for dev perception of ‘Mozilla provides alternatives’.

(Henrik Mitsch) #4

Hi @david_ross, thanks for linking threads.

@atopal (MDN product manager) has to balance a number of conflicting priorities. He describes this here:

In the short run we will probably not see Firefox Accounts authentication on MDN. Kadir and I talk about it frequently. We will provide an update if things change. Kadir and the MDN Team are currently very busy working towards the top-level objective, to grow developer reach and engagement.

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(Eric Shepherd) #5

As MDN staff, I badly want to see this feature as well, despite knowing it is outside the current scope of our priorities. I will continue to hope, though, that once we achieve notable progress in the current target areas, we can revisit this.