'Another' password manager?

I think it’s great that Firefox is innovating new things.

I’m not sure about ‘another’ password manager though?

I started with SplashID on the Palm Pilot, then had KeyPack on Windows, I currently use 1Password but still have SplashID for the Mac in transition. Then there is Apple KeyChain… not to mention ‘in-built’ password memorization within every browser… I’ve tried to ‘simplify’ life by only using 1Password across Win/Mac and iPhone. With 1Pass browser extensions in place.

I’m curious to know what audience LockBox is aimed at? What need does it address where so many options already exist? Why would I want to use it?

Can it generate a bogus email address?

I’ve really wanted to start replying to ‘spam’ emails since watching this: https://youtu.be/C4Uc-cztsJo

LockBox is a pretty good name. I’ll give it a crack and see what it can do.

Lockbox aims to support Firefox users who are already saving passwords in the browser; help our existing users gain visibility into the passwords they already have and make them more accessible across devices. A common issue for our browser users is a perceived lack of access to their passwords across their devices, especially when those passwords are locked in the browser (desktop and mobile). This is our first step in addressing this problem.

Thanks for your support! We plan to continue to innovate; listen to our users to develop solutions to help them keep track of their logins.

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Cool, thanks Sandy.