Another tablet selling information

I found this Infocus tablet selling information on biggest B2C & C2C website of China) for 1,300RMB($212)。This guy has also posted a sale information of Keon on my forum, I suspect that his Keon is also from Mozilla.

@asa what can we do?

For one, we can remove this participant from the program and ensure we don’t send him or her further hardware. Do we have a seller name we can compare against program participants?

I’m currently looking into it. I’ll see if I can out who the seller is… The ad appears that it is still up. Is it possible to request that the device be sent back to Mozilla (send out a prepaid box and have it sent back to Mozilla?)

Sure. Anyone not using a tablet could send it back to Mozilla. I’d find out how to get shipping paid for by Mozilla. Even better would be direct shipping to another contributors paid for by Mozilla.

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That I guess is a good idea. They could be sent for some real deserving people . How to again decide on a person who doesn’t abuse the program is again tricky. Hope there are some checks before selection into such programs.