Any GP Keon community builds out there?

Hello, there!

I’m sad about not providing updated builds, and I know there wont be any updates by geeksphone.

Are there any community builds for Geeksphone Keon and Peak?

Thank you, all!

BTW, I’m using

And for me I’ts perfectly fine to use inestable software, as far as it get updates.

Im not sure there is any community builds, as far as i know there is just the images. I will look around a little more to see if there is a way to shallow flash the devices with a freshly built gaia. I know if you want to you can clone b2g and compile a new base image yourself if you so please.

The shallow flash do not work for KEON device, I have tried do this in the remote server for a long time but always fails the process, I have asking in the list and the forum of geeksphone but anyone known nothing about this, the only way to create a build for KEON is with the long process, at the moment I have the worst conection to internet in the world :grin: but I would like to contribute to anyone who take this task for compile by themself, guiding him in the process, with errors, o feedback and testing with my KEON device.

When I get a new computer I might be able to help you, I will need a lot of assistance though… I only have a flame device.

OK, but i have a bad news, some guys in mozilla hispano, we try to do this but at the moment all fails, for branch 3.0 the process ends but the device only show a blank screen and in the 2.2 exists a problem with the toolchain, more in this bug

Hamm… Like I said I currently do not have a laptop, but when I get one I will try to find a solution for you. I think this is a much needed asset seeing as the amour of people who have this phone and are kinda dead in the water because they have no current builds for it.

I have pulled a request to fix the toolchain error. However…
Gaia doesn’t seem to work on 2.2 and 3.0.

Have you by any chance tried with 2.5?

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For the interested:

@CodingFree compiled a rom for the Keon some time ago :smile: