Anyone able to get TF serving to work with the custom ctc beam op using the lm model?

(Domenicrosati) #1


I am using a model trained with DeepSpeech in tf serving just fine. However without using the custom decoder my WER is around 16%. I exported the model using the custom decoder but when I loaded it into tf serving I received

Loading servable: {name: speech_detection version: 1} failed: Not found: Op type not registered 'CTCBeamSearchDecoderWithLM' in binary running on c41d408c3a94. Make sure the Op and Kernel are registered in the binary running in this process.

has anyone resolved thus issue?

I figured I could attempt a rebuild of tf serving with the .so files included in the BUILD file but wanted advice before I started investigating.


I understand tf serving is not supported. I am just wondering if anyone encountered this. I am happy to make a PR to the docs for how to get the model in serving working without (and hopefully with)the decoder

(Lissyx) #2

Loading the module requires specific handling code in, likely you have to do something similar for serving?

(Erniemargatapinnock) #3

(Domenicrosati) #4

I think I will probably do as you say and implement the decoder after i recieve the response from the call to tf-serving. That way I won’t have to manage tf-serving builds ECT, I can just use the decoding logic with that custom op in tf session in my app code.

I will let you know how it goes