Anyone out there with a Firefox OS Smart TV?

(Mauricio Navarro Miranda) #1

I was wondering if there are some mozillians enjoying their Firefox OS Smart TV, as I am.

If so: Has anyone useful information about hacking on it? For instance:

How do I get shell access to the underlying system?
How do I root my VIERA?
How do I upgrade, reflash or even replace the installed system?

(Kairo) #2

As far as I know, you can’t get access to the system, root, or flash the system.

(Mauricio Navarro Miranda) #3


Hope some day we’ll be able to root it. If some day it stops receiving updates or fixes (mine has not received an update ever!), I want to be able to… well, do something.

Gracias @kairo

(Kairo) #4

You would really need to ask Panasonic about that, esp. as nowadays Mozilla doesn’t do any development on the TV systems any more at all, it’s all Panasonic doing the work.


I suppose the code is open source, where can i find it?
Where can i report the several bugs i’ve found?
How do we “ask” panasonic, we have to call them?!?