API calls from CircuitPython and troubleshooting

A couple of years ago I made a little WebThings remote with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and some buttons to turn lights on and off. It still works great. Recently I picked up an AdaFruit MagTag (AdaFruit product ID: 4800). I ported the code to CircuitPython, but I only get a “Request Failed” response when attempting to connect to the gateway.

I’ve looked at the logs, but I have not found anything helpful in troubleshooting. Where would I look to find diagnostic data for this?


Any help with diagnostics and troubleshooting is appreciated.


do not show ANY failed attempts from the device I’m testing and getting a “RuntimeError: Sending request failed” message on.


I figured out the problem on this:

For whatever reason, you can’t make successful calls with HTTPS from these devices. (I think it’s an overhead thing.) Falling back to HTTP got things working.