App-closing cross is way to small

(Fjoerfoks) #1

When you swipe with 2 fingers from the bottom up, you get to view the active apps and you can navigate through them, but you’re also able to close certain apps. The circle on the top left with the cross to close the app in my opinion is far to small. It might be as big as the top of your finger.

(Aras Balali Moghaddam) #2

Good point, but using the close button is not the only way to close a running apps in that view, you can also swipe up to throw apps out of the list which closes them. The button should really serve as a hint that the apps can be closed in that view. Simillar pattern is used in iOS and Android, so I am biased and tried to use swipe right away, I suspect that this may not be obvious to all users. In fact in iOS and Android ui’s I have tried, there is no close button, you just have to try closing by using swipe up gesture. Having better transitions may help make this action more discoverable. For example when closing with the button, the app should slide up smoothly giving a hint that siliding up will also close the app. Note that making the close button bigger would also increase the chance of user accidentally hitting it while they are trying to switch between the apps. I am not trying to defend the current state of UX for closing running apps, I think it can be improved a lot. However, making the close button bigger will clutter the UI in my view and not really help because users would still have to reach it. Swipe gesture, once learned, is very effective. I wonder now, in what other ways do you think we can improve the app switching and closing experience?

(Fjoerfoks) #3

Ok, I didn’t know that swipe-option, that sounds very usable. I will train myself to use that instead of the button :smile: