Application open for Mozillian of the Month Team (ended, announce the team member)


As the plan we had shared last week, we’re going to recruiting 3 reps to help running the Mozillian of the Month campaign for Q3, August to October.

Welcome to join our team to help Reps recognize great Mozillian! Please fill the form if you would like to help (open until 7/29 16:00 UTC)

(We will announce the final selection of team members on 7/30.)


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Thanks to the 11 Reps who had applied.
After review by the council, the first Mozillian of the Month Team are,

  • S M Sarwar Nobin from Bangladesh
  • Shina Dhingra from India
  • Robert Reyes from Philippines

They will work for the next quarter to run Mozillian of the Month event.

We will resume the campaign very soon.
Standby for nominating the great Mozillians!