Applications for a restructured taskforce model close on 31st!

(Shagufta Methwani) #1

The taskforce model for the Indian community had been established years ago and needs a restructuring due to its inability to support the large scale of the community. As much as we are excited about thousands of new mozillians from India, we are in need of a model which is scalable, dynamic , transparent, provides clear roles, leadership, accountability.

This is the one chance we have, to recreate the best possible structure for us, rather than the tweaks and fixes that we usually do. And this very process is open to all the community members and will also be reviewed by everyone.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about the model that you think would be appropriate, any observations from other communities, any cons of the existing models, this is THE place(form) to be!

Put down your thoughts on , your identity will be kept anonymous.

The applications close on 31st July 2016.