Arduino device names undefined

Since upgrading to version 0.9 any devices added by URL from ESP8266 are coming in as having a name undefined.
The same code in previous version worked fine.
What am I missing?

const char* deviceTypes[] = {“OnOffSwitch”, “Light”, nullptr};
ThingDevice kitchenSink(“kitchenSink”, “Kitchen Sink Lights”, deviceTypes);
ThingProperty on1(“on”, “On/Off”, BOOLEAN, “OnOffProperty”);

void setup
adapter = new WebThingAdapter(“w25”, WiFi.localIP());

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You most likely just need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Some gateway and UI code changed which caused this hiccup.

Thanks Michael, unfortunately that didnt resolve the issue.

@hobinjk Other ideas? I’m unaware of anything else which causes the undefined issue.

I can reproduce the undefined (encountered yesterday building the leak sensor demo). It’s another name -> title thing

Wait, nevermind. It works for me and I can’t reproduce the behavior. The undefined I saw was an unrelated sensor that I thought was the arduino leak sensor since it hadn’t shown up yet.

Notably I’ve had to drag all of my adapters and dependencies kicking and screaming to their most up-to-date versions