Are there any way to show log of "UnknownError" on opening IndexedDB?

Hi, guys. Recently I noticed most of my extensions was not working well. After some inspection I found that they all failed at, who returns undefined rather than the expected data object. It seems that the real problem is UnknownError: The operation failed for reasons unrelated to the database itself and not covered by any other error code., raised at somewhere earlier (I guess it’s during creating IndexedDB instances).

Then I tried the example on this page to check if IndexedDB is working on normal page, rather than extension page. However I got openDb: undefined, which I think is similar with the extensions’ problem. The example worked well on another (new) profile.

Cause I have some not-backuped-yet settings of extensions, I would not like to do a direct profile refresh. Instead, I want to, at least partly, recover the extension storage. I checked the sqlite file holding the IndexedDB data, but found it hard to parse.
Are there any way to make the log more verbose about the error of IndexedDB? If so, I might find some way to fix my broken profile, export all extensions’ setting and switch to a new profile.

Any help is appreciated!