Are we building yet?

Hi there!

Let’s gather feedback from people having tried to build: what works? what doesn’t? on which device? … and document it on the wiki (we can probably make a dedicated page “Building the B2G OS Transition branch” as a subpage from this one, or on MDN, what do you think?)

There is already a topic regarding Building for Flame on this Discourse instance. Having a topic per device might be a good idea.

Also, does someone know if it would be ok to upload the builds to Mexmod? If so, is there a guide to do so?



Hello ! Thanks for rising this topic :slight_smile:

My opinion is have builds for phones on the wiki page as a subtopic so that all project stuff remains on a single page.

Regarding your concern on uploading builds to mexmod, @penserbjorne leads the mexmod project. He just provided a build for flame master few days ago. but no build from kanikani branch. We can request him for it.

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That’s great =D I think it would be easier to write everything related to builds on MDN in a section for the transition branch, rather than having some informations about FxOS on MDN, and informations about the builds on a separate Wiki.

And we may add links to Discourse for specific builds like the one about Flame you mentioned ^^

Hi @Valentin , there’s no problem to share MexMod with the community, actually the site is wrote only on html, I conect to the server via FTP, there’s no any special system to upload files or something :frowning: If you know about some platform that we can install and use in the server let me know it :slight_smile: or maybe if the community want to create a special site for the B2G OS I can bring a subdomain for that purpose and let it open to the community :slight_smile:

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Please refer to the documentation on MDN on how to submit a new device:

You mostly have to handle hosting a blobfree build (or we can host it on the github repo, as you prefer) and do a PR to include it.

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